Sitting “humbly” in the keynote hot seat at EyeforTravel Europe last week, dressed casually in jeans and an open-neck shirt, a first guess wouldn’t be that this was the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. But this is, after all the travel industry, and after spending 17 years building the biggest OTA in the business, with revenues of $10.7bn in 2016, you could argue that Glenn Fogel has every reason to look relaxed. But probably not for long, given the fierce competition and disruptive forces currently at play. Still, for the short time last Wednesday that Fogel faced questions on everything from Priceline’s M&A strategy to managing complexity and the next big thing in technology, it was clear that, in spite of the challenges, he remains excited about the future – and proud of what Priceline has achieved to date. Get the full story at EyeForTravel