ith the exception of Groupon, virtually all of the travel deals are for high-end hotels and resorts, worldwide, and the non-travel offers are for high-end clothing, household items, and other goods. Typically, each posting includes several currently open deals, plus teasers about offers coming up in the near future. Discounts from advertised rates are usually around 30 percent, but occasionally go much higher. The purchase window is usually no longer than a week and sometimes even shorter, but the travel offers give you several months to make your visit. At this point, it's far too early to predict how this market niche will develop. Usually, when a market matures, you wind up with only three or four major players. For now, among the all-travel sites, the biggest players seem to be Jetsetter, SniqueAway, and Vacationist. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see a few more outfits try the private sale model, either, but at some point you have to wonder if they'll all get enough good products to survive. One of the pitches to hotels and resorts is that the big discounts they give through private sale sites result in new impulse-purchase business that they'd never otherwise be able to attract. The few industry analyses I've seen tend to confirm this point. For that reason, private sale sites are virtually useless if you're looking for a good deal in an area you've already decided to visit at a time you've already planned. But if you'd like sudden inspiration for something different, give them a try—there's nothing to lose for just looking. Get the full story at USA TODAY