The use of revenue management, combined with channel management, has dictated the need for trained individuals who can assist in contributing to the bottom line profits of the hotel and the value of the asset.

Just as revenue management software has become more specialized, so is the need for managers to undertake the activities and understand the strategies and tactics required to enhance hotel revenue performance given a dynamic and complex marketplace.

A profile of who these revenue managers are and where they fit in the organizational hierarchy of a hotel organization was the driving question for a recent HSMAI research study.

The objectives in conducting the study were to: identify the demographic profile of revenue managers (organizational level, demographics, career path, job responsibilities), identify important activities and training needs (resulting in distinguishing tangible and intangible skills), and describe the level of satisfaction and accomplishment revenue managers possess in their current positions.

Download "The activities, training, and reporting relationships of today's Revenue Managers" (PDF 220KB)