The group segment is up 3.8% in room nights committed (contracted). New group business added over the last month (pace) are up, 10.1% over the comparable period last year. Transient room nights booked are up 5.7% compared to the same time last year. Average daily rate (ADR) is growing slightly above occupancy, up 3.2% based on reservations currently on the books for 2014. For the first quarter of 2014, overall committed occupancy is up 2.9% in the top 25 markets. Committed occupancy for the group segments is up 3.5% and the transient segment is up 2.4% compared to a year ago. Average daily rate for the first quarter is up 2.9% over the same time last year. Business segment ADR, which includes weekday transient negotiated and retail segments, is up 3.2%. Leisure segment ADR, which includes transient discount, qualified and wholesale segments, is up 3.2%. A Promising Outlook for 2014 If you happened to listen to the January/February quarterly earnings calls of the major publicly traded hotel chains (e.g. IHG, Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt, Choice) and REITs (e.g. Host, Hersha), you would have heard a rather consistent set of messages regarding the outlook for 2014. The consensus on RevPAR growth this year is that it will be slightly better than last year, with expectations falling in the 5-7% range. Growth expectations are higher at the upper end of the market (upper upscale and luxury properties), with expectations at the economy and mid-scale segments falling in the 3-5% range. Other key messages were that RevPAR growth will be more balanced between occupancy and average daily rate (ADR) growth, and that the transient segment will continue to lead the way in this growth. However, there were positive indications from most companies that group demand is stronger now than it has been over the last year. Most are reporting group pace to be up by 3-5% over last year. With as much as 70% of the 2014 group demand already on the books, this is a strong indicator of expected group performance for the year. While the consensus outlook is strong, there were some cautionary notes regarding risks. The primary concerns were the effects of economic headwinds in the emerging markets (especially in the face of higher supply growth) and lack of strong income and employment growth in the US. The outlook reported by these owners and operators of hotels is very consistent with TravelClick's view of the market, which comes from aggregated future-looking group sales and reservations data collected from major hotel chains and independent hotels. The table below shows the current outlook for 2014 based on group commitments and reservations on the books versus the same time last year. Get the full story at TravelClick