The most immediate positive of cloud computing is If you implement a cloud-based software for your hotel, it can be accessed from any computer you'd like– your software and data is no longer limited to one back office computer. In fact, many cloud-based solutions offer mobile and tablet versions of their apps, and allow access anywhere that you have internet access. This means you can use a cloud-based PMS, like protel Air for example, to check tomorrow's on-the-books from the back office, walking the hotel grounds with a tablet, or while at a conference 2,000 kilometers away on your smartphone. One of the most immediate, positive aspects of cloud computing is that the actual computing, or processing, is much faster. Cloud computing utilizes many powerful computers to do things that just weren't previously possible on a single computer. When we talk about exponential growth in computing technology, this is a great example, and it makes things like real-time tracking of Big Data, eg: flight data, possible. Get the full story at SnapShot