Protel clients, who are not yet TrustYou users, can sign up for TrustYou’s free survey lite version to benefit from the state-of-the-art solution and start a free 14-day-trial to test the other features. TrustYou’s recently awarded guest feedback platform offers solutions to manage, monitor, and analyze guest feedback with reputation management, guest messaging, survey and review marketing tools. “We believe that this new partnership is of immense benefit to our and protel’s clients,” says Michael Menzel, Chief Revenue Officer at TrustYou. “The cooperation with protel will automate processes like the upload of guest data and will help to collect more guest surveys in a very time-saving and efficient way. We’re very excited about this new opportunity to make our hotel’s lives easier and frictionless.” "We help hotels to get the most out of technology, but the significant difference is our pre-integrated, and collaborative platform," says Jeremy Armes, VP of Marketing at protel. "This exciting partnership with TrustYou demonstrates how protel encourages opportunity from across a trusted and diverse vendor base, to deliver vendor-neutral, best-of-breed functionality into all hotels on protel.I/O." Related Link: TrustYou