German protel hotelsoftware presented the world's first property management system for the iPad. Who needs hotel software on an iPad? Tablet devices offer many advantages to hotels, because many business processes become more and more independent of location. A few examples: Hotels can use iPads as "floating front desks", offering guests mobile services like check-in or check-out. iPads could even be employed as support work stations to reduce demand peaks. With protel Air protel expands its SaaS product line. protel Air is a full-service solution and a true "Software-as-a-Service" application, that is hosted in a secure data centre environment. Benefits for the user: Additional hardware and installations in the hotel are unnecessary as the sole requirement is an Internet browser. The software is maintained and updated by protel. Data security is also taken care of by protel. With its extended range of functionalities and based on the latest technology, this easily scalable cloud application is the perfect solution for all hotels who value flexibility, reliability and security. With protel Voyager protel presented a mobile app for hotel guests. To spare guests the need to install one app for every single hotel they stay in, protel Voyager is designed as a "web app" which runs on the mobile device browser, optimised for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app offers access to guest relevant functions of the property management system like booking services. It also offers access to location based services, advertising local events and facilities, and to the hotel's social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or You Tube. protel Voyager will encourage guests to report positive feedback and ensure their return using the app and the hotel's web booking engine. Related Link: Protel