It looks like wireless Internet access will be everywhere in the very near future, if telecom and Web players get their way.

The general idea of Wi-Fi everywhere has an astounding number of implications for advertisers. Google's apparent plan is particularly intriguing given the trends currently sweeping the world of search. As my colleague Rebecca Lieb wrote last year, as search gets bigger, it must get smaller - as in niche, including local.

Yellow pages players have made a big to-do about their competitive advantage in the local arena because they have massive sales forces and relationships with small businesses. Now, I'm not going to argue with that. It's an advantage, for sure. But how about thinking of every Wi-Fi hotspot as a virtual salesperson? It's a point of presence in the local arena small businesspeople could access (for free) to place ads, provide information about their business, and forge a virtual relationship with the ad seller.

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