The solution? Win at the summer rate game by not playing at all. Here are three creative promo ideas that will set you apart from your neighbors this summer without slashing your rates: 1. Minimum Stay Promotions – Version 2.0 Tiered minimum stay discounts are a tried and true revenue strategy for any hotelier looking to increase length of stay, but how low are you willing to go for the extra night? Why not experiment instead with a tiered value-add promotion? You can start off small with a no cost add-on (free late checkouts are easy) and increase your offering based on length of stay. Evaluate your hotel amenities and get creative with your freebies. Think upgrades, F&B credits, local attraction tickets, etc. The best aspect of value-adds is that unlike straight price discounts, they can be used strategically to help drive incremental revenue. A small money voucher towards your spa or restaurant can entice a guest who might not normally do so to book a massage treatment or dine on-site. Get the full story at Tambourine