And since the hotel tools are available at all hours, hotel experts say they may go a long way toward keeping guests happy and avoiding negative reviews on social media and websites like TripAdvisor. Hotels are spending as much as 6 percent of total revenue on technology, according to Hospitality Technology’s 2017 Lodging Technology Study. Titled “Frictionless Hotels: Enabling the Omni-Experience,” the study said that 57 percent of hotels planned to spend more on technology this year than they did in 2016, while 42 percent planned to spend about the same and just 2 percent said they would decrease their I.T. spending. Hotel occupancy rates in the United States are at 65.5 percent, the highest since 1984, said Bjorn Hanson, a professor of hospitality and tourism at the Tisch Center of New York University. Though they had typically been slow to adopt new technologies, hotels are seeing a place for tech tools to make sure that guests’ needs are met. Get the full story at The New York Times