For the past 10 years, pundits have proclaimed the next year as the "Year of Mobile." And if you look at the rate of growth of mobile devices in the U.S., one could argue that every year has indeed been that. Forrester Research estimates that four out of five households in North America have a mobile phone, with most having more than one. In addition, half of all subscribers now use text messaging, more than one-third use picture messaging, and more than one in six accesses the internet via phone.

However, the shouts of "Year of Mobile" got louder with the release of Apple's iPhone. Many have said that because phones (including newer ones from Blackberry, Samsung and HTC) can now roughly simulate the PC browsing experience, the mobile challenge is over. Unfortunately, this line of reasoning is based on a faulty premise -- that businesses' challenge in delivering mobile content and applications is purely a formatting one.

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