This is underpinned by a continued strong recovery in the Provinces as well as strong growth in London, especially next year. The sector however still faces plenty of challenges and geopolitical uncertainty. New products and business models can sometimes represent a challenge for existing businesses. Every so often a profound change to the established way of doing business can leave some businesses ill prepared for the new order. A case in point that is relevant to the UK hotel sector is the potential impact of so called shared economy models. In this edition of the UK Forecast we provide an insight into this growing global phenomenon and provide our views on what steps can be taken to ensure the impact on the hotel industry is minimised. At a glance - We expect growth across the board for hotels for the 2014 outturn and for 2015, underpinned by a resilient economy, buoyant business travel and a knock-on effect from the Rugby World Cup in 2015 - Modest growth in occupancy should be mirrored in both the Provinces and London and is enough to lift occupancies to record levels - With occupancies high, we anticipate ADR growth will drive a strong RevPAR resurgence in nominal terms. In real terms we hope we are seeing the beginning of a sustained and bedded-in period of growth in the Provinces – which is very good news - The sector continues to face plenty of challenges and geopolitical uncertainty Get the full story and infographic at Hospitality.Net