The study by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), conducted in association with American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) – entitled Balancing business travel tools and policy for the traveller experience – reveals that 37 per cent of travel managers report an increase in enquiries about work-life balance. The options sought by travellers seem to present cost-saving opportunities – 32 per cent of managers saw growth in requests to use chain hotels, while 22 per cent saw more employees asking about sharing accommodation with colleagues. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds (61 per cent) say more of their travellers are asking for improved technology to manage travel. Travel managers are also feeling inhibited by outdated policies and limited options; 38 per cent say their programmes suffer from limited content, while a fifth believe access to multiple booking channels can help improve choice. However, nearly half worry that increasing options will make it harder for them to control their program. Get the full story at Buying Business Travel and download the report at ACTE