This research project examines how hotel guests in India use social media and other online distribution channels to search for information in the process of booking a hotel room. RateGain will provide the CHR research team with access to data and analytics held within its extensive database which will augment information collected from hotel companies participating in the study. The results of the analysis will give greater insight into the search and booking activity of travelers which will benefit the hotel industry and provide the foundation for further studies in the future. Commenting on RateGain’s ongoing collaboration with the School of Hotel Administration the company’s CPO, Vishal Jain said, “We are very pleased to be able to assist CHR in this research which will help the industry and future researchers alike to understand more about how consumers make their buying decisions. We are constantly developing and enhancing our technology solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the market and this research will give us valuable insights. We look forward to having further opportunities in the future where we can use our resources and experience to help CHR extend the breadth and depth of knowledge in the industry.” Related Link: RateGain