RateGain Technologies recently joined-hands with cloud-based PMS Hotelogix, seeking to equip hotels for further expansion. Hotelogix provides global hoteliers with a practical, cloud-based solution to handle typical operational challenges. Both RateGain and Hotelogix share a common vision of equipping small and medium establishments to grow their business. Together with Hotelogix, RateGain has come up with an innovative integrated hospitality solution which is a seamless combination of two evolved products. RateGain’s potent channel manager and automated revenue management tool caters to the hospitality segment, globally. This wide range of operation offered through an integrated platform, will cater to the global market as well as reinforce penetration mainly in India, US and EMEA regions. Prabhash Bhatnagar, the founder of Hotelogix cited that, “Hotelogix is happy to extend its platform approach to RateGain products. Together, we have come up with a powerful solution for the hospitality segment. This integrated tool is an option for hotels, particularly independent and multi-property groups, to use two advanced solutions in tandem, thereby arming them to stay competitive in the market, which will help them take their business to new heights.” Bhanu Chopra, founder and CEO of RateGain Technologies says, “We share a common mission with Hotelogix to help properties maximize both revenue and process efficiency. The complete two-way integration of their PMS with our channel manager and revenue management interface supports RateGain’s continued effort to do that seamlessly.” Related Link: RateGain