Revenue Managers are increasingly adopting the latest technology to assist with the challenges of optimizing yield and managing distribution across multiple channels. Accurate rate intelligence is a critical input to formulating a sound revenue strategy and PriceGain’s rate shopping data provides unsurpassed value. RSC will integrate the data with its revenue management tools to provide a complete solution for customers. Vishal Jain, CPO, RateGain said, “We are very pleased that RSC has chosen to use PriceGain for its Rate Intelligence data requirement. History is no longer an indicator of the future. In a dynamic rate market having recommendations from your RMS based on only historical data is not sufficient. With this partnership hotels will be able to get much more value out of their investment into a revenue management system and have access to the best data available”. RateGain has a well-established reputation for strong and fruitful collaboration with complementary technology providers, creating solutions which deliver measurable benefits to mutual customers. The partnership with RSC is the next step on that road and builds on the success of RateGain’s partnerships with other RMS systems such as IDeaS, EZRMS and RainMaker. Related Link: RateGain