This collaboration between RateGain and BiyCloud has paved way for the establishment of a cohesive base that is a seamless combination of the latest BI (Business Intelligence) technology and unified Revenue Management Solutions. This business partnership model is a powerful collaboration and an extension of Business Intelligence from BiyCloud and Industry know how from Rate Gain. Both capacities combined together, will crystallize in an extensive list of services and products tailor made for the hospitality sector. Through a joint development of customized products and projects, the two companies propose to cater to the needs of their target market more effectively. Jorge Bibian, Business Development Manager Spain, BiyCloud cited that, “Only while working with passion, can you meet the expectations of the market. The excellence of our services and the innovation of our technology is the true value of our company”. On further inquiring about their expectation from this partnership with Rate Gain and the potential in hospitality technology, he quoted that “In constantly evolving hospitality industry and with so many players offering different solutions, Hoteliers and General Managers find it tough to choose the right Business Intelligence solution fitting their needs. Thus, it has become absolutely imperative to have an integral solution for the hotel Industry, with the most advanced technology and customized to fit the requirement. At BiyCloud, we understand this business opportunities inside-out and along with RateGain, we want to benefit hotels and hotel chains improve their businesses from a technological point of view. RateGain offered a solid image of a wide knowledge and resources in the hospitality industry and thus become the best choice for BiyCloud to partner up with an industry leader worldwide. Nicolò Rolle, Vice President, Sales, Southern Europe, RateGain stated that, “The rapid pace at which today’s dynamic hospitality marketplace is changing, demands high flexibility and innovation in operation. This is where a completely optimized Revenue Management suite from RateGain could plug in”. He further added that, “We are excited to join forces with BiyCloud and are pleased to offer our industry wide knowledge and resources in the form of innovative analytics. In due course, this partnership will prove to be a win-win situation for customers and hoteliers, as they will be enabled to surge further ahead of the curve”. Related Link: RateGain