Raveable, a startup formed by two ex-Microsoft employees, unveiled its website in beta today.

Today, frustrated travelers spend hours searching multiple sites, sifting through countless reviews in hopes of finding the perfect hotel for their vacation. A couple planning a romantic 5-star weekend in Las Vegas must make sense of over 650 reviews across dozens of sites. With such an overwhelming amount of information, it is no surprise that 51% of online travelers are unhappy with travel planning and over 24% of travelers prefer to conduct travel research offline.*

Raveable uncovers the truth more effectively than reading individual hotel reviews while surfacing relevant information more efficiently than searching countless websites. The website is the first to automatically categorize and recommend hotels based on the summarized collective wisdom of millions of travelers. The site provides recommendations for over 33 thousand U.S. hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts.

Using patent-pending technology, Raveable surfaces opinions buried inside of reviews. Opinions are categorized based on the traits that travelers rant and rave about the most. At a glance, a user can see that a hotel has an unfriendly and unhelpful concierge, but a good location, and spacious room with comfortable beds.