Marketing in the online travel space is definitely focused on utilising better business and customer insight - even to the one-to-one customer level, says Laura Johnston, vice-president, CRM/Loyalty Marketing Department, Travelocity

“Customer insight is an oxymoron if it isn’t actioned in that it is neither customer-oriented nor insightful. We believe we are leading the way in the travel space in terms of understanding customer interests and using that knowledge to make relevant (personalized and compelling) offers and communications to our customers at the right time,” says Laura.

She says it was customer insight “that drove us, well before our competitors copied us, to realise that as online travel market matured, customers had expectations not just about finding a great deal but doing business with a company that stands behind what it sells. That insight (based on focus group research) helped us to identify opportunity to identify significant customer service pain points, totally revamp our customer service processes and policies, invest in technologies to prevent pain points from occurring, and be able to advise customers in similar situations (e.g., letting them know before they leave that the hotel pool is closed).”

“All of these investments enable us to deliver on our customer service guarantee of everything will be right about your trip or we'll work with our suppliers to make it right right away,” she adds.

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