Reality Adz, user-generated ads and viral advertising, announces a new channel, Travels, where travel marketers, destinations and resorts, tour operators, hotels and lodging, and consumers can upload and share their videos with the world.

In its second month after launch, has seen more than 2 million hits to its website, with many consumers and travelers interested in viewing videos about places to go and things to do worldwide.

“From the mountains of Canada to the beaches of the Caribbean, majesty of Europe, and richness of Asia and beyond, travelers are coming to to view and help them make trip decisions on where to go,” said Reality Adz CEO Steve Harmon. “Travel marketers now have a free and perfect way to get their offering to consumers and consumers have a place to share their trip videos on the Travels channel at”

According to the Travel Industry Association of America, about 64 million Americans research their travel options online, a number that has quintupled since 1997. About 42 percent of online travel planners say they now do all or most of their trip planning online, up from 29 percent last year.

“Travelers use the Web to research offerings and is all about empowering the consumer to make a better choice about a product or service,” Harmon added. “Vacations and holidays are too important for us to get wrong. Smart marketers can reach out to our global audience with the fantastic travel offerings they provide. Already, the stunning videos in Travels on make you want to travel to the places shown and enjoy the wonderful activities there.”

Borneo, Brazil, Cancun, Acapulco, London, Canada and many more videos on's Travels channel provide consumers with the perfect place to preview the fun and excitement of travel, and help plan for the next vacation or adventure. Add your video now, it’s free and simple.

“The world is a small place yet how much of it have we all visited or seen,” said Harmon. “Vacations, holidays and travel are often the most memorable parts of our lives. We’re happy to open up the new Travels channel to bring the world closer to consumers everywhere.”

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