Additionally, revenue per room jumps more than 4 percent and operating profits climb nearly 3 percent, says a new study in forthcoming edition of the Journal of Marketing Research. About 60 percent of this increase is attributed to the change in brand, said authors Professor Chekitan Dev, Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration; lead author Professor Yi-Lin Tsai, University of Delaware; and Professor Pradeep Chintagunta, University of Chicago, in the study, “What’s in a Name? Assessing the Impact of Rebranding in the Hospitality Industry.” “Businesses change brands all the time,” said Dev. “Here in Ithaca, New York, the Holiday Inn changed its affiliation to Ramada Inn, the Ramada Inn changed to Holiday Inn, which then changed to Hotel Ithaca; and the Sheraton changed to Clarion, which changed its name to the Trip Hotel. Believe it or not, this happens to thousands of hotels a year,” he said, due primarily to firms decoupling the brand from the physical property. Examples of other industries experiencing rebranding include retail stores, gas stations, hospitals, restaurants and medical offices. Get the full story at Cornell University