The warning came during a June 12 meeting chaired by Felip Cornelis, the director of aviation for the transport department of the European Commission and attended by representatives of the 27 EU member countries in continental Europe. Cornelis told attendees that they should prepare for impacts on security, market access and customs requirements, among other issues. Politico sourced its report to three unnamed officials who were at the meeting. Ahead of Brexit, the European Commission has issued a series of preparedness notices outlining potential ramifications across various economic, technological and regulatory sectors in case the Brexit date passes without a deal. The worst-case impact to the aviation sector would be a cessation of all flights between the EU and the U.K. pending the implementation of an air transport agreement between the parties. Currently, because the U.K. is an EU member state, airlines fly uninhibited between the U.K. and the 27 other EU nations. Get the full story at Travel Weekly and Politico