In April 2013, Change Sciences asked users to interact with leading travel web sites and share their experiences and insight on what information they look for when contemplating a trip. Although the focus is on hotel booking sites, many of the findings from this research are relevant to any travel-oriented web site. Hilton, InterContinental Hotels and stood out as the most favorable sites for completing a hotel booking were. Whereas Airbnb, Priceline and Travelocity were the sites that took the longest to complete a hotel booking. There is significant variation among travel sites in their overall engagement, usability, and conversion scores, pointing to a significant opportunity for poor and average performers.Travel web sites that are easier to use, are more likely to convert. The same is true for travel web sites that have higher engagement. Although the correlation of usability and conversion is strong, the correlation between engagement and conversion is greater. Perceived ease of use is obtained by asking users how successful they felt after completing a task regardless of whether or not they accomplished the task. Download the full report at Change Sciences (PDF 676 KB)