The latest spa industry publication released by Intelligent Spas exposes key differences between female and male spa consumers relating to historical behaviours, current expectations and preferences, and predicted future practices relating to spa visits.

Key findings from this unique research included:

- 49% of females compared to 65% of males stated their last visit to a spa was for relaxation.

- 60% of females encountered some disappointment during recent spa visits.

- When taking a spa treatment, 54% of males preferred to be naked.

- 78% of females and 63% of males preferred a female therapist to perform spa facials.

- Of those who stated they were likely to visit a resort spa, 46% of females and 39% of males said they would most likely choose a package of spa treatments during their next visit.

- 42% of females were most likely to purchase massage oils at a spa during 2005.

Julie Garrow, Director or Intelligent Spas explained “our industry surveys have highlighted spa facilities across the region are welcoming more male visitors. In order to target the male segment cost-effectively in an increasingly competitive industry, it is imperative to observe their past behaviours, understand their expectations, identify their preferences and predict their likely future practices. The survey results may be used to inspire the refinement of a spa’s operations to increase spa visits and retail sales from both genders, as well as assist suppliers and service providers to better support the spa industry”.

The report provides over 370 quantitative statistics and serves as a direct line of communication between spa businesses and spa consumers, by including qualitative quotes from respondents defining “spa” and describing their expectations of spa experiences. This allows the reader to better understand the emotions and desires behind spa consumers’ decisions.

Other information presented in the report includes:

- Historical behaviours relating to number of spa visits, reason for visit, treatment experienced, how heard about the spa visited, who visited the spa with and the time spent at the spa.

- Current expectations of spa consumers including how they define “spa”, specific expectations of spa visits, experiences that surpassed expectations and disappointments encountered during recent spa visits.

- Current preferences relating to product types, clothing, therapist gender by treatment type, treatment choices, factors which make spa experiences more enjoyable and decision-making factors when choosing a spa facility.

- Future predictions relating to spa type likely to visit, likely treatment choice by spa type and likely product purchases during 2005.

Intelligent Spas provides research which businesses find logistically and financially impossible to collect. The report entitled “Female Versus Male Spa Consumers: Survey of Behaviours, Expectations, Preferences and Predictions” presents over 370 quantitative statistics in addition to qualitative findings, and is available for immediate download from for USD100.

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