It is a truth universally acknowledged that preparing for a trip—be it for business or pleasure—is not a pleasurable experience. From finding the cheapest flight to booking a hotel that will meet everyone’s needs, many of the tools and services designed to solve these problems are alike, each dysfunctional in their own ways. This was the impetus that led PSFK Labs to leverage learnings from retail, tech, media, and other travel companies in creating The Future of Travel 2016 report to help travel brands improve the planning and booking process for their clients. In the words of PSFK’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Piers Fawkes: “Travelers today are looking for an intuitive, rapid and personalized experience. They understand the trail of contextual data that surrounds them and they expect the smartest travel brands to leverage those data to serve them appropriately.” “Hoteliers, airlines and other travel companies have to build intelligence systems that understand context and build bespoke recommendations leading to sales,” Fawkes explains. “They need to leverage historical, behavioral and situational traveler data in real-time to develop engaging, informative recommendations that help travelers access the right information at the right time whether looking for travel prices or envisioning their desired destination.” Get the full story at PSFK Labs