A survey questioning thousands of British holidaymakers has concluded that the majority give scant regard to the environmental impact of their holidays.

The report, commissioned by one of the UK’s largest tour operators, found that three quarters of travellers are not concerned about the environmental impact of their holiday.

While 79 per cent of people answering the survey say they had heard of the term “responsible tourism”, few put it into practice. Only 19 per cent said it was important to them that their holiday benefits the local community in their chosen holiday destination, and just 8 per cent consider the environmental policies of their chosen holiday company.

The survey, carried out by Mintel on behalf of First Choice, questioned 2,000 adults in October 2005. It found that while most were socially and environmentally responsible at home – 80 per cent recycling household waste and 54 per cent donating money regularly to charity – they did not behave the same on holiday.

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