The relationship between restaurants and delivery services is complicated, to say the least. Chipotle, for example, does not deliver itself, but it can be ordered through Postmates, Tapingo or Favor. Chipotle plans on adding four or five other services by the end of the year. By building out their apps, restaurants can retain some of the customer data they lose to the delivery services they work with in order to stay competitive. “There’s definitely a frenemy relationship that goes on where brands are working with these delivery services, but they’re also hedging their bet by making sure they have their own fulfillment network in place,” said Ben Zeidler, director of consumer goods research at L2. Most delivery services do not provide brands with the data they need to understand customer intention or preferences, unless there’s a specific arrangement between a brand and a service to do so. Curt Garner, chief digital and information officer at Chipotle, said Chipotle receives data around sales, transactions, timing and orders from its delivery partners, but not customer data. Get the full story at Digiday