At Datz, a bustling restaurant in Tampa, Florida that seats at least 600 people during a typical weekend brunch, manager Tonya Rogers was struggling to keep up with wait times that were only made worse by the establishment’s growing popularity. Within a few weeks, Rogers had implemented the mobile waitlist management system at Datz, and she was asking customers for their cell phone numbers rather than their names. “You can text yourself into the wait. Once you do that, [the system will] communicate back with you just like you were texting a normal person. It’ll ask you how many are in your party. You would then put however many it is, and it adds you into our QLess system. Right then, it’ll send you a quote and it’ll let you know exactly how long the wait is,” Rogers says. “Aside from that, you could also just call the restaurant and say, ‘Hey, would you add me to the list? I want to do a call-in.’ We put all your information into the system. Once you’re in there, it does the same thing. It’ll send a text message to your cell phone, and it’ll let you know exactly how long the wait is.” Get the full story at Street Fight