Popular restaurant chains such as Subway, Domino’s, Chipotle and others are offering consumers the ability to place orders before they arrive at the premises. Recent research, such as food delivery ordering guide GrubHub’s September study, reflects how restaurant chains and other marketers could enhance mobile ordering with more targeted marketing tactics. “At GrubHub, we’re always working to learn more about our diners and how they use our products,” said Meghan Gage, senior associate of public relations for GrubHub, New York, NY. “Looking at gender preferences and ordering habits presented us with a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the differing tastes of our male and female diners.” A study published last year by Harvard Business School discussed research showing that loyal consumers would get upset when a brand typically associated with a male audience expanded to include products marketed towards women. This was especially true in cases where men personally identified with a certain brand. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily