At first blush, the growth of the food delivery industry would seem like the best thing that ever happened to restaurants. The problem is, that would assume that every meal being delivered to a home or business is piping hot out of the oven and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Fact is such businesses, or delivery platforms, can be inconsistent, based on the level of professionalism exhibited by their employees and their own business objectives. However, restaurants need them in order to grow their own business, or in some cases simply to maintain market share. The prepared food delivery industry is in a period similar to where ecommerce was in the mid-2000’s. Technology was rapidly increasing shopper convenience, and brands were (or should have been) scrambling to figure it out. In addition to other things, that period led to the demise of numerous brands, the creation of a whole new ecommerce world of brands, and the continuing decline of sales in shopping malls. With restaurant delivery, this is happening more rapidly, since we have experience now with such a transition. Get the full story at Entrepreneur