Revinate Post-Stay Surveys allows hotels to send a short format survey to guests, which includes an optional TripAdvisor review form. The custom questions are kept private but any reviews that are collected are submitted to TripAdvisor for moderation and display, eventually driving up the number of reviews for the property on the site. Revinate Co-founder and CEO, Jay Ashton, says, “Given the influence that TripAdvisor reviews and rankings have on a guest’s booking decision, hotels are motivated to encourage feedback on TripAdvisor. Hotels have been working tirelessly to improve their ratings and review frequency in an effort to enhance their profile. Since one of the most effective methods is to encourage more guests to share their experience, we created Revinate Post-Stay Surveys in partnership with TripAdvisor.” Revinate and TripAdvisor analyzed over 13,000 surveys from 124 hotels across the world using Post-Stay Surveys from September 2013 to May 2014. The results prove the value of driving fresh review content on TripAdvisor: - Customers using Revinate Post-Stay Surveys have seen an average 409% increase in their TripAdvisor review volume. - Reviews generated from Revinate Post-Stay Surveys now account for 76% of their reviews on TripAdvisor. - Revinate Post-Stay Surveys customers have seen an average 15% improvement in their TripAdvisor popularity ranking within the first three months of using the product. Get the full story at Revinate