Revinate Reputation™ will be used at both the property and corporate level to provide hoteliers with data about the guest experience, insight into the competition and workflows for improving operations and engaging with guests. Starwood selected Revinate Reputation after an in-depth review of all the ORM solutions in the market. In particular, Starwood wanted to ensure that all hotels, regardless of region, would have fast and consistent access to the platform. In addition to pilot testing, several of Starwood's leading ownership groups, including John Q. Hammons, Pillar Hotels, ITC Hotels and Rim Hospitality, were already using Revinate Reputation as a way to report on reputation metrics across all the brands in their portfolios, and they weighed in heavily in favor of Revinate. Jay Ashton, Revinate’s Co-founder and CEO says, “We are very excited to be working with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, one of the most global high-end hotel companies in the world. We look forward to growing with them and supporting them as they continue their rapid expansion across the globe.” Related Link: Revinate