The new connection is a boon for RezGain’s hotel customers around the world keen to sell their rooms in the rapidly growing Indian, MENA and African travel markets.Itwill also enable TBOHolidays to expand the range of hotels available to its existing base of over 16000 travel agent customers in major source markets including India, Middle East and Africa as they search for accommodation in popular destinations such as UK, France, Turkey, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India. Unlike other online wholesalers, TBOHolidays is not just a standard room selling portal but has a fast growing upmarket niche of agent partners who regularly book higher category rooms and suites. So TBOHolidays brings not only volume but also more value to the table. TBOHolidays is soon launching the industry’s first Dynamic Holidays packaging module which will be flexible, real time and instant. The module has been designed for the specific use of B2B agents, with the needs of their customers foremost in mind. It will initially be covering inbound travel to India and then gradually expanding to other markets. TBOHolidaysis now available to hotels using RateGain’s channel management system- RezGain. Real-time inventory and rates are listed on the TBOHolidays system and in turn, booking details are delivered automatically toeach hotel’s PMS orCRS, providing a seamless, two-way connectionto hoteliers keen to reach a wider audience of travel agents. Commenting on the partnership TBOHolidays, MD, Gaurav Bhatnagar, said, “Our partnership with RateGain is strategically significant as it establishes two-way connectivity. We see a lot of synergies and a win-win proposition in our mutual association. As the local market leader, we can and will leverage our considerable network to the advantage of RezGain hotels.” Related Link: RateGain