The social magazine site is Ritz-Carlton’s latest addition to its social media portfolio and features 12 different branded magazines covering a range of topics. Social media serves as the primary liaison between consumers and online content, so venturing to new platforms and finding new ways to package material will grant a brand more visibility. “Stories about The Ritz-Carlton are shared around the world, every day, on a variety of Web sites, blogs, social networks, etc,” said Lisa Holladay, vice president marketing, The Ritz-Carlton. “These stories range from Vogue features about a new Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Bali’s Ubud region, to influencers like Trey Ratcliff photo-walking across the United States, to the story of a bride and groom in Cancun. “Flipboard is one of the best platforms for collecting, and sharing these stories in a one place, making it easy for travelers to seek inspiration for their next discovery,” she said. “This initiative is really aimed at providing our guests with a single, authoritative source of stories from The Ritz-Carlton hotels around the globe. Get the full story at Luxury Daily