Jeremy L. Wilbur, director of digital marketing for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, reveals nine secrets to achieving search marketing success for hotel marketers: 1. Go beyond ROI: ROI is often considered the Holy Grail of metrics. But when it comes to paid search, it's important to look beyond gross revenue and consider other metrics, like overall profitability, Wilbur says. For instance, instead of using search to sell standard hotel rooms, the Ritz-Carlton leverages the channel to expose customers to various room types and vacation packages, which ultimately helps boost its bottom line. “It's not just always about gross revenue,” he says. “You can also add in layers to understand if you're driving more profit to hotels, which is valuable.” The Ritz-Carlton also uses paid search to track where customers are in their customer funnel, Wilbur explains, such as by tracking engagement metrics and the number of loyalty program enrollments. Get the full story at Direct Marketing News