As described on Roomer’s website, booking a room through the service is just the same as booking through any other travel service, and it usually costs less. To sell your non-refundable reservation, simply submit a listing to the site and wait for someone to purchase it. When a buyer does so, Roomer contacts the hotel to transfer the booking to their name and then sends you the money through PayPal, Western Union, or wire transfer. Roomer takes a 15 percent cut of each transaction. Roomer is also planning on opening up its marketplace to meeting and convention spaces from event planning professionals, as well as to high-value inventory from hotels where appropriate. The idea isn’t entirely new. Cancelon and Hall St., for example, are also enabling travelers to sell their reservations. There are also concerns about whether hotels will accept a transferred reservation, although Roomer seems to be working to prevent that by reaching out to the hotel itself to make the transfer and ensure everything goes smoothly. Get the full story at VentureBeat