Travelocity created a storm of agent protest last week, and public relations problems for three cruise partners, after its March 2 announcement launching “Travelocity Onboard.”

The three cruise partners, Holland America Line, Crystal Cruises and Celebrity Cruises, were by press time either disallowing an onboard Travelocity representative as a feature of the program, or restating strict limitations on the operation of any onboard Travelocity hospitality desks.

Travelocity Onboard, which is being promoted by the giant online agency with the marketing slogan “You’ll Never Roam Alone,” is a plan that includes Travelocity agent representatives working from hospitality desks on 44 selected cruises this year to handle the travel needs of Travelocity clients.

It also includes Travelocity extras, such as wine gifts, free dinners or shipboard credits, as incentives to book the selected cruises.

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