This is because constraints make us creative. They take away the paralysis of choice (think: writers block) and force us to work to make something great within a set of limitations. Consider A/B testing as an example: you’re working to optimise a page or a newsletter’s performance, but changing only a few variables to make sure you’re getting usable results. So, rules are a good thing – they give us patterns and systems, which we as humans naturally form anyway. What are the rules the best hotel marketers use to thrive, and how can you use them to help your hotel? Let’s find out. 1. Build Relationships: With the ascent of social media and blogs, building relationships has become essential, especially in the hospitality industry where a human touch is key. This is why the best hotel marketers make it a habit to build relationships. When they forge relationships with other businesses and marketers, they build their own reputation and can become sought after influencers. Get the full story at NetAffinity