Sabre innovation manager for EMEA Joakim Everstin shared three technologies the company is watching and experimenting with as well as two 'wild cards.' From a prototype developed by Sabre Labs harnessing data and advances in location to show travellers progression through airports to a project analysing text around hotel images from Instagram and flight search application for devices such as Google Glass, Everstin demonstrated the rapid pace of change. His 'wild cards' were virtual reality and using the technology to explore real people and places virtually and multi-sensory interactions where the senses such as sound and touch can be combined with data and perhaps used to present information in more user-friendly ways. John Straw, chair of the Thomas Cook digital advisory group, shared some insight on how the travel company is trying to innovate against the back drop of so much technology disruption. He too highlighted technologies such as augmented reality and wearables and how they can be integrated to improve the travel retail experience online and offline and increase conversion. Both speakers concluded that rather than a technology backlash, we would see faster adoption rates especially amongst younger generations and that it was a matter of taking cutting edge technology and creating something useful out of it. Related Link: World Travel Market 2014