The event in Beijing saw Sean Menke, president of Sabre Travel Network, share an update on the company’s travel agency business, while Wade Jones, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for Sabre Travel Network, discussed Sabre’s evolution from being a simple GDS to its current advanced platform. Sabre is introducing a new version of its travel agency desktop solution, the Red Workspace, in 2017. “The traveller ecosystem has grown and diversified, and our Travel Network team has built an upgraded technology platform that’s modelled on this,” commented Jones. “At the heart of this platform sits the GDS. That core technology is still critically important. But now, if you look from top to bottom you also see Sabre supporting endpoints like mobile, new User Interfaces for agents and application services across our offerings - all resting on powerful shared platform services. In a nutshell, Sabre has created a modern, value-creation platform that’s driving the traveller ecosystem.” Get the full story at Travel Daily Media