Sabre Red Workspace is developed on Sabre’s merchandising platform and provides access to its GDS. According to Sabre, both agents and suppliers have contributed to the new workspace’s design and functionality. Wade Jones, Sabre Travel Network’s senior vice president of marketing and strategy, said the new user interface will make it easier for newer agents to become productive faster. Agents who prefer Sabre’s “blue screen” will still have the option for a command-based interface and can toggle between the two options at any point in their workflow. “There’s really three capability areas that we’re focused on at Sabre from the standpoint of what do we do to deliver value to suppliers and agencies alike, and also with the end traveler in mind,” Jones said. “And those three capabilities are business intelligence and optimization, personalization and merchandising, and automation and efficiency. And what Sabre Red brings to life is all of those capabilities in one place.” Get the full story at Travel Weekly and Sabre