Sabre sued Worldspan in a Washington state court, seeking a judicial declaration that Sabre has the legal right to fulfill its contract with to supply GDS services.

In the suit, filed in Seattle Aug. 17 in the Superior Court of Washington for King County, Sabre also seeks unspecified monetary damages and attorneys' fees from Worldspan and an injunction that would bar Worldspan from communicating to suppliers and Sabre partners that Sabre's contract with Expedia violates Worldspan's rights.

The legal flap emanates from the Sabre-Expedia May 2004 agreement, implemented in July 2006, that has Sabre processing some bookings. That arrangement supplements the GDS services that Worldspan provides From 1995 until about a month ago, Worldspan was's sole GDS provider.

But, according to the lawsuit, on Aug. 1, 2006 Worldspan wrote a letter to Sabre claiming that Sabre and Expedia may be using Worldspan data "inappropriately" and alleging that merely "displaying Worldspan data along with Sabre data" may violate Worldspan's rights.

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