Guest satisfaction and loyalty is growing for many mid-market brands (e.g., Drury and Hampton Inn in the US, Tulip Inn and Ramada in Europe, and BreakFree Resorts and Aston International in Asia). These value-priced competitors are delighting guests with a cadre of friendly, respectful staff and by offering free or low cost Internet access, clean facilities, and carefully chosen services and locations. According to Dr. Jonathan Barsky, chief research officer at Market Metrix, “The recession pushed some guests into trying mid-priced brands, and many weren’t disappointed. This is because mid-tier brands are upgrading their services and amenities, such as offering free Internet and fancier toiletry lines, which can drive satisfaction, justify higher rates and blur the line between mid-scale and upscale. When guest expectations are lower, guests are more likely to be surprised and delighted with special amenity packages and other services typically associated with higher priced brands.” MMHI data is collected from more than 40,000 travelers around the globe each quarter. Guests provide more than 200 details about their most recent hotel and casino experiences. The MMHI customer satisfaction score is based on the average rating of 14 product and service questions that are highly correlated with guest loyalty and recommendations. Get the full story at Market Metrix