While improvement in overall satisfaction was minor, the luxury segment saw much more encouraging numbers, with Ritz-Carlton’s 896/1,000 rating leading the pack for the second year in a row. As what consumers once understood as “perks” have become expected, the high level of service offered at luxury hotels has emerged as the primary distinction of satisfying stays. “Luxury hotels still often charge for WiFi and rarely give free breakfast,” said Rick Garlick, travel and hospitality global practice lead at J.D. Power. “However, this trend is changing as even high end hotels now frequently provide wi-fi for no additional charge, particularly if you are part of the loyalty program. “This is another contributor to enhanced value in the luxury segment,” he said. ” Perhaps ‘free’ breakfast is something they can roll into the overall rate, as European hotels frequently include breakfast as part of the rate package. Get the full story at Luxury Daily Read also "Hotel guest satisfaction plateaus as perks become standard"