The days of a hotel room being four beige walls and a bed is over. The guestroom is inexorably changing and those that don‘t heed the warning risk losing market share and the ability to push rates. The root of this phenomenon is in the changing nature of the guest themselves due to a confluence of factors forcing hotel developers and designers to think about what’s next, rather than rest on their past successes.

Influences on change include shifting expectations from more savvy travelers, the incorporation of cutting edge technology in people’s daily lives and the desire to get more out of the hotel experience than at home. And this is happening at all strata of the market.

This topic was the subject of a panel discussion at the annual Buyer Interactive Trade Alliance and Conference organized by Hotel Interactive. The discussion was part of the opening general session of the event.

Dennis DiTinno, CEO, CAM, Broker, Liberte’ said the speedy advance of technology has created a Jetsons like experience in our daily lives. “What George Jetson had in his home, we have in our homes and that technology has to be in our guestrooms. We have to make constant change, which is a good thing.”

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