These enhancements to the markup standards, which Google uses to enhance a site’s search results, set the stage for travel shoppers to more fully assess what chains, single-location B&B’s, OTAs and even peer-to-peer networks like Airbnb have to offer directly on search results pages – and maybe even someday book from there as well. is the main driver of enhanced search results in engines like Google, which pull in anything from prices and reviews to event dates and recipe instructions directly into your page’s results. It’s a standard way of organizing and calling out information on a webpage – kind of like a data feed built right onto a webpage – either through special markup around key on-page content or meta data. Search engines can then more easily identify those key points, and use those insights to better rank the page in its natural search results and pull some of those key points into your search results. There are at present more than 25 ways to appear in Google, many of which are driven by this markup. Get the full story at Koddi