Using a snapshot in time – January 2011 – Kantar Media has mined its database of search spending and keyword activity to analyse how these rivals carried out their search campaigns. All of the data and findings presented here solely reflect the Google search engine. Among the three advertisers, Expedia accounted for 64 percent of the combined search spending but only 49 percent of total keyword clicks generated. This indicates a higher average cost per click across the set of keywords analysed as compared to Orbitz and Travelocity. Orbitz achieved a more efficient return with an almost 2:1 ratio of click share (19.5 percent) versus spend share (9.8 percent). Given the high brand name awareness these advertisers have achieved it is no surprise that the top keyword for driving traffic to each advertiser’s website was its own branded name. Spelling variants also ranked high. Beyond this, many generic terms appear high on each list indicating these advertisers are buying the same common “must have” keyword terms. Get the full story at EyeForTravel