Businesses of all shapes and sizes are constantly looking to reach more customers. For many, online advertising proves the best way to capture targeted audiences in search of products and services.

Savvy business owners know that Internet users often turn to search engines as their online version of the Yellow Pages.

In fact, every month, about 80 percent of Internet users in the United States view online ads placed through Google AdWords. The popular pay-per-click advertising program allows businesses to reach potential customers and improve business.

The premise of AdWords is simple: Businesses create short ads of one title line and two text lines.

Advertisers then specify the words that will trigger their ads to appear, when searche don, along with the maximum amount of money they're willing to pay per click.

Advertisers pay only for the number of clicks to their Web sites. These ads appear as "sponsored links" on the top and right side of the Google results page.

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