For many companies with websites there is a nagging suspicion that their websites should be more than online brochures. There is also a belief that their websites deserve to be highly visible on all the major search engines. Unfortunately, the search engines do not feel that way. Search engines believe that you have to earn your search engine visibility.

It is a hard fact of internet life that in order for a web site to do well on search engines it must comply with the guidelines and suggested ‘best practices’ of the search engines. There can be an elongated learning curve for some companies in coming to terms with this reality.

Even for those companies who elect to purchase search engine ads (PPC), there is the knowledge that ‘if only’ their listings were also being shown in the ‘free’ organic results they would be making more profit.

Getting your site to position well in the ‘free’ organic search engine listings is anything but free. Whether you elect to use only in-house resources or hire search engine professionals, there are definite time and dollar costs associated with search engine optimization (SEO) and making your website search engine friendly.

Many companies are dismayed to discover that some design aspects of their website are the reasons they are all but invisible to search engines. Being punished for the over-use of flash, dynamic pages with non-search-engine friendly URLs, duplicate content, lack of content, poor site structure, or a myriad of other guideline violations is painful. It can be very upsetting to learn that some of the things that were put in place in an effort to make your website more appealing are in fact hurting it on the search engines.

It can be even more upsetting to discover that your company is going to have to invest resources in repairing these earlier website decisions.

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