The latest Google update, nicknamed Jagger, was one of the biggest events in the past couple years. With this 3-part update Google has essentially changed many of the rules and have thrown the SEO community for a loop.

In this update there are a few key areas that have impacted the way sites rank and how an SEO (or a business owner optimizing their own site) needs to approach and address the various components.The key areas that have been affected with this update are:

- The history of your web pages
- The way backlinks are counted
- Site content & structure

In short, the way everything about your site is calculated has changed however if we pay attention to what has changed in each area we'll quickly see how to optimize a site and equally important, we'll see what Google is trying to accomplish with this update.I state that this as equally important in that understanding what Google is hoping to accomplish will help us take measures now to protect our rankings during future updates.We will cover this further below in the conclusion.

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